REFRATEC Sp. z o.o. specializes in assembly, modernization and renovation of kilns/industrial furnaces. We operate in Poland as well as in many European countries such as: Finland, Sweden, Norway, France, the UK, Belgium, Luxembourg or Estonia.

Thanks to highly skilled and experienced staff, who guarantees high quality services, our company develops very dynamically.

The turnover at the end of 2013 exceeded EUR 2 million.

Bez tytułuREFRATEC Sp. z o.o. has applied for a prestigious SSG/ VCA certificate which is awarded to companies which offer the highest standards of work standards and hygiene, and the certification process is under way.

Bez tytułuWe employ over 140 highly skilled staff who are experienced in the repair of industrial furnaces: project managers, foremen, masons and helpers. Numerous members of our technical staff hold gas-welding certificates compliant with EN287-1 111, EN287-1 135, EN287-1 144, they are authorized to operate transportation equipment such as forklifts and gantry cranes.

Bez tytułuOur employees are highly trained in occupational safety and health and are holders of Työturvallisuuskortti certificates (Occupational Safety Card Finland), SSG ENTRE Safety Passports (UK), Certificates for Hot Work (UK), SSG 018 and 017 certificates